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Past Austin Software Process Improvement Network (A-SPIN) Meetings

Click on the title to access the meeting abstract and speaker biographies.Direct links to presentation files (where available) are also provided.Archived meetings prior to January 2006 are available on CD, by request.

DateTitle (and link to Abstract and Speaker Bio)
  Presentation files
Apr 12 Figuring Out Software Process Support Tools
Brooks Slides
Mar 12 Guerilla Quality
Feb 12 IBM Rational Overview
Ting slides
Jan 12 Multi-dimentional Testing wit Business System Integration
Forrest Breyfogle
Nov 11 Perfection: The Foundation of Lean
Scott Bellware
Bellware slides
Oct 11 Transforming Your Organization for Excellence and Adaptability
Jeff Smith
Smith slides
Sep 11 IC Design Methods for Software
Andrew Cahoon
Cahoon slides
Aug 11 Getting Started with Personal Project Planning
Steve Teleki
Teleki slides
July 11What Open Source Can Teach Us About Software Process
Ruven Brooks
Brooks slides
May 11Accelerating Enterprise Adoption of the Cloud
Matt Fisher
Fisher slides
Apr 11Building Business Cases for Initiating Internal Projects
David Angelow
Angelow slides
Mar 11 Joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society
Driving a Kaizen Culture Using Regular Operations Reviews
David J. Anderson
Kaisen Slides
Feb 11 Joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society
Building Sofware at Scale – How Microsoft builds SQL Server
Conor Cunningham, Principal Software A
rchitect, SQL Server Engine at Microsoft
SQL Slides
Jan 11 Austin SPIN
CMMI: How Relevant is it for Today’s Software Organizations?
Dr. Bill Curtis, Chief Scientist at CAST Software; co-author of a variety of maturity models
Viviana Rubinstein, President and CEO of Liveware; CMMI Instructor and High Maturity Lead Appraiser
Jorge Boria, Senior VP of Liveware; CMMI Instructor, High Maturity Lead Appraiser, SEI Visiting Scientist – Observer of Candidate Lead Appraisers and Instructors
CMMI Slides
Nov 10 Austin SPIN
Risk-based Testing: What is it and How You Can Benefit?
Rex Black, President of RBCS
Black’s Slides
Oct 10 Joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society
Software Development Productivity through Process Customization and AutomationRyan Gritz, The Knot, Inc., Mindy Krupp, The Knot, Inc., and Bob Hardister, Overwatch Systems
TFS slides
Sep 10  Austin SPIN
  Software Estimation – Demystifying the Black Art
  Panel Discussion, with references to Steve McConnell’s Book
  Scott Brookhart, Software Architect at Texas Education Agency,
  Kara Nicholas, PM at UT Austin,
  Andrew Badgley, Validation Technician at AMD
  Estimation Slides
Aug 10  Joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society
The Changing Future of Software, Computation, and the development and Business Processes – What is Next?
  David Smith, Futurist/TechnologySpeaker, CEO HBMG, Inc.
  Mr. Smith’s slides
Jul 10 Joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society
Using the CMMI-SVC to Transform an Organization into a High-Functioning, Customer-Driven Profit Center
  Henry Schneider, President, Process and Product Quality Consulting
  Mr. Schneider’s slides
May 10  Joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society
When Good Enough Makes a Project Early Enough
or: Don’t Try to Be On Time!
  Jorge Boria, Sr. Vice-President International Process Improvement Services, Liveware
  Mr. Boria’s slides
Apr 10
Test Reporting for Impact
  Rex Black, President of Rex Black Consulting Services
  Mr. Black’s slides
Mar 10
Sharepoint: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  Phillip Wheat, Community Architect Evangelist, Microsoft
  Mr. Wheat’s slides
Feb 10Introduction to the Jazz Technology Platform: Team Collaboration and Process Enablement
  Ronnie Pinkerton, Technical Account Manager at IBM Software Group – Rational
  Mr. Pinkerton’s slides
Dec 09  

Tailoring Earned Value Management for Practical Use: Yes, It can Be done!
  Dr. Janet Ply, Managing Director, Pendere and Dr. Joyce Statz, Statz Consulting
  Dr. Ply and Dr. Statz’ slides
Nov 09Building Blocks of Software Project Success
  Steven Teleki, Software Engineering Program Director, IBM Software Group
  Mr. Teleki’s slides
Oct 09

Requirements Elicitation using Innovation Games
  Jeff Brantley, VP Marketing and Sales Operations at Sharp Propane
  Mr. Brantley’s slides
Sep 09Essentials of Organizational Change Management
  Andrew Cahoon, Managing Director at Clarum Group and Mike Leamon, Sr. Consultant at Clarum Group
  Mr. Cahoon and Mr. Leamon’s slides
Aug 09The Austin-SPIN Un-Meeting
  Austin SPIN Attendees
  Session Notes
Jul 09 The Basics of ITIL®  (IT Infrastructure Library) From a Software Practitioner’s Perspective
  John Woods, IT Management Consultant
May 09Making Lean Six Sigma and CMMI Work for You (part 2 of a 2-part series)
  Dave Srulowitz
  Dave Srulowitz’s slides for part 2
Apr 09Making Lean Six Sigma and CMMI Work for You (part 1 of a 2-part series)
  Dave Srulowitz
  Dave Srulowitz’s slides for part 1
Mar 09Identifying and Handling Project Risks
  Cindy Margules, owner, PM Transformations
  Cindy Margules’ slides
Feb 09Communicating Effectively with Different Personality Styles
  Bijoy Goswami
  Bijoy Goswami’s slides
Jan 09Panel Discussion: Implementing CMMI-based Process Improvement for Small Organizations
  Jorge Boria facilitator, panelists: Karen Ulferts, Bert Welge and Roy Deegan
Nov 08 Webinar: CMMI and Agile Methods: Embrace Both!
  Mike Konrad, SEI, Carnegie-Mellon Software Engineering Institute
  SEI report, CMMI® or Agile: Why Not Embrace Both!
Oct 08Panel Discussion: Leveraging Requirements Management Tools
  Steve Grossman, IBM; Robert Quevillon, Compuware; Morris Selby, IBM
  Steve Grossman’s_slides        Robert Quevillon’s_slides
Sep 08Special joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society
The Three Constraints of the Project Manager: Leading Knowledge Worker Teams to Success With a Culture of Integrity
  Doug Russell, President, Executive Team Leadership
  Doug Russell’s slide
Aug 08Building a Detailed Estimate: A Brief Workshop
  Joyce Statz, Statz Consulting
  Joyce Statz’_slides        exercise_sheets
Jul 08 Measuring and Managing Software Projects in an Agile World
  Paul Beavers, Senior Director of R&D, BMC Software
  Paul Beavers’ slides
May 08Special joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society
Taking User Stories to the Next Step: Solution Constraints and Requirements Refinement
  Scott Bellware; Bob Million, Million Design Group (MDG)
  Bob Million’s slides
Apr 08Team Collaboration in Global Software Development
  Herb Krasner, President, Krasner Consulting
  Herb Krasner’s slides
Mar 08What Austin Software Professionals Want to Know: An Agile Requirements Workshop
  Ms. Marsha Hughes, PMP, CSM 
  Ms. Marsha Hughes’ slides
Feb 08   Special joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society
In Collaboration We Stand – If The Terrorists Can Do It, Why Can’t We?
  Mr. David Smith

  Mr. David Smith’s slides
Jan 08 Special joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Agile Austin
Evolution of Software Development Lifecycles: Waterfallacies and Agile Methods
  Mr. Jorge Boria, Sr. Vice President – Liveware

  Mr. Jorge Boria’s slides
Nov 07Best Practices for Maintenance: Processes to Help the Majority of the Application Work We Do
  Mr. Johan Sundlof, Transition Manager, Computer Aid Inc.

  Mr. Johan Sundlof’s slides
Oct 07Special joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society
Integrating Project Work Using Collaborative Environments
  Mr. Steve Teleki, IBM

  Mr. Steve Teleki’s slides
  Ms. Joyce Statz’s introductory slides
Sep 07 Who Cares About Eclipse?  It’s Not Just For Developers Any More.
  Mr. Ian Buchanan, Senior Product Manager, Borland
  Mr. Ian Buchanan’s slides
Aug 07 Designing Solutions That Fit – Proven Methods For Common Scenarios
  Mr. Dan Massey, Partner and Chief Architect, Capability Measurement
  Mr. Dan Massey’s slides
Jul 07Tough Requirements Problems and Proven Solutions
  Ms. Linda Shafer, IEEE Computer Society Publications Board  Ms. Debbie Yedlin, Product Manager, Borland  Mr. Tony Chen, President, Seilevel
  Ms. Linda Shafer’s slides  Ms. Debbie Yedlin’s slides  Mr. Tony Chen’s slides
May 07 Separating the Gold from the Fool’s Gold
  Ms. Leslie Martiich
  Ms. Leslie Martinich’s slides
  Mr. Thomas Wyoming’s notes from the session
Apr 07 Software Acquisition Risk: Be Very Worried, But Be Prepared!
  Dr. Joyce Statz, Statz Consulting
  Dr. Joyce Statz’s slides
  Risk Factors from Dr. Statz
Mar 07 Rolling IT Out: Facilitating IT-enabled Change
  Professor Tim Claus, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
  Professor Tim Claus’ slides
Feb 07 Panel: Software Portfolio Management: Process and Automation to Successfully Manage Large Numbers of Complex Projects
  Corby James, Chief Technology Officer at Noblestar
  Bill Krakar, Product Engineering Manager, Freescale   
  Darrel A. Raynor, COO/CIO – Triand, Inc. and St. Edwards Professional Education Center   
  Corby James slides
  Bill Krakar’s sides
Jan 07 Panel: Annual State of the Software Industry
  Bill Bayer, Director of Marketing Communications at Silicon Integration Initiative 
  Carla Crull, Sr. Recruiter, Kforce Professional Staffing
  Maurie James, Vice President, the VP Source
  Moderator: Steve Zettner
  Bill Bayer’s slides
  Carla Crull’s slides
  Maurie James’ slides
Sep 06 Applying the Right Process to the Right Environment 
  Michael K. Daskalantonakis, MKD Technologies, Inc.
  Michael K. Daskalantonakis’ slides
Aug 06Panel discussion: Using UI Feedback to Drive Development 
  Bjorn Aannestad, PointServe
  Dr. Laura Faulkner, Applied Research Laboratories, UT Austin
  Scott Bellware, First Choice Software
  Bjorn Aannestad’s slides
  Dr. Laura Faulkner’s slides
  Scott Bellware’s slides 
  Dr. Faulkner’s Test Sheet
May 06Managing Business Transformation
  Dr. Janet Ply, PhD, Pendére
  Dr. Janet Ply’s slides
Mar 06Special joint meeting with IEEE-CS
New Pragmatic Methods for Developing Software Product Lines 
  Dr. Charles Krueger, BigLever Software
  Dr. Charles Krueger’s slides
Sep 05 Intellectual Property: A Product Management Perspective
  Don Jarrell, Dir of Product Management Practice, Digital Thinking, Inc.
  Don Jarrell’s slides
Mar 05Special joint meeting – Austin SPIN & Austin Society for Quality
Software Risk
  Don Shafer, Athens Group
  Don Shafer’s slides

NOTE: Archived meetings prior to January 2006 are available on CD, by request.