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Information for Sponsors

 For a list of our current sponsors, see our Sponsor page

About the Austin SPIN

We are pleased that you are interested in sponsoring the Austin SPIN. Our organization has been supporting Austin software professionals since 1993, with about 500 people now on our membership mailing list. Participants in the organization range from software developers to project managers to those in leadership roles to various specialty roles that enable software to be built and maintained effectively. Our mission statement describes our goals:

The Austin SPIN is a leadership forum for the free and open exchange of software quality and process improvement ideas and experiences. The organization serves as a source of practical, educational, and scientific information for its members, other SPIN organizations, and the general software community.

How You Can Help

The Austin SPIN provides most of its services to members in monthly meetings, enabling members to network with each other and learn about best practices and ways to handle their issues and concerns. Each meeting has a program, generally a speaker or a panel, addressing a topic of interest in today’s software experience. So that we can continue to assist working professionals in developing their skills, we welcome your sponsorship to support meeting logistics, speaker travel expenses, and occasional operations expenses.

Sponsorship is available at four levels, as described in the accompanying table. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss which of those levels is most appropriate to your organization’s mission and interest in participating with this software community.

To discuss this opportunity further, please contact:
Joyce Statz, President   president "at" austin-spin.org



 Sponsorship Item

  Platinum Level
(limited to 1 at a time)

 Gold Level

 Silver Level


 Sponsor Investment  $2000 or more/yr  $1000-$1999/yr  $ 500 - $999/yr  In-kind items: Meeting facilities, food, books, etc.
 Acknowledgement at each meeting or other Austin SPIN event  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes, where involved
 Listing on Austin SPIN web site – with logo and link to the sponsor’s web site (page of choice)  Yes  Yes.  Yes Yes
 Opportunity to distribute sponsor company materials at Austin SPIN meetings  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Opportunity to address Austin SPIN meeting with brief announcement (5 min.)  4/year  2/year  1/year  No

 Opportunity to provide speaker on board-approved topic for the Austin SPIN(1/year)

 Yes  Yes  No  No
 Company name listed as a sponsor, with level, on all email and other Austin SPIN communications  Yes  No  No  No
To become an Austin SPIN sponsor, please provide us with the following information:
  • Name of your organization or firm

  • Mailing address

  • Name of primary contact

  • e-mail address of primary contact

  • Phone number of primary contact

  • Your chosen sponsorship level, and your contribution amount

If you wish to mail a check, please make it out to Austin SPIN and direct it to:

Austin SPIN

5305 Valburn Circle

Austin, TX 78731

Thank You

We value our sponsors and their support to the mission of improving the capabilities of the Greater Austin area software profession. The ability to meet with others in the profession and exchange ideas is key to lifelong learning. Your support enables us to provide high quality programs the optimize the value of the Austin SPIN experience.

Thank you very much for your support.