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October 13, 2011


  Transforming You Organization for Excellence and Adaptability



Jeff Smith, Team Performance Coach for NetObjectives



Modern competitive challenges suggest organizations become more changeable. Surely in technology the speed of change is paramount. The ability to quickly adapt though is a big change in cultural mindset and in how we approach our daily work. More than this, we need a way to move from where we are to this new mindset and capability. Too often we have become firmly entrenched in our current practices, in spite of the drawbacks.


Line practitioners often change easily, though this is not always the case. Change fatigue, distrust, and other issues may interfere with any attempts at change. Transparency, while a big help in achieving alignment, is often difficult to create. Changes - and risks - vary depending on your place in the organizational hierarchy. Ultimately, we struggle to find most of the levers at our disposal - in practices, process, tools, communication, and product. Mostly we struggle to get out of our own way.


Changing an organization is certainly more than simply changing a few policies. Becoming truly adaptable requires engagement we may be unfamiliar with. Sometimes crisis actually makes it easier to change, because we see the need with more clarity and urgency. But shouldn't be able to find our way sooner and avoid crises? Shouldn't we seek excellence - not mere survival?


This presentation raises issues and observations encountered in organizational change, and attempts to provide tools and ideas for becoming more nimble. And it presses for new thinking and technical capabilities, to match the new global marketplace. Some content is specific to software and engineering, but some is applicable more broadly.


About the Speaker:

Jeff Smith is a Team Performance Coach for NetObjectives. Jeff has been in software development for over 20 years and specializes in driving internal development productivity breakthroughs. He is the current chair for the Seattle and Eastside Area Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN), President of the Seattle ISPI Chapter (International Society for Performance Improvement), and has also served on the board of the Austin SPIN and the Austin AITP Chapter (Association of IT Professionals). Jeff's experience includes process and development work with organizations large and small, including Dell, IBM, BearingPoint, Boeing, Trilogy, Lexis Nexis, as well as some smaller technology startups. He holds a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and is also a Certified ScrumMaster, a Six Sigma Greenbelt, with additional certifications in Lean, ITIL, and software test. Jeff Currently resides in Kirkland, Washington - Where things are a little more cool and wet.

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