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Austin SPIN Book Club

Starting in July, the Austin SPIN is hosting a book club, to read and discuss
Steve McConnell's Software Estimation, Demystifying the Black Art over a
series of several meetings. If you are interested, please contact Scott
Brookhart - sbrookhart "at" alumni.utexas.net with subject book club.

The group will be meeting at Genuine Joe's at 2001 Anderson Lane on
Tuesday nights
in July starting at 7 pm July 6th and 13th and going for
about an hour each night. We can pick other days if those don't work
for most people. If we get a big response, we could have two
groups - one meets the first night and the other meets a second.

The Austin SPIN will buy the books for anyone who participates in all of the
sessions of the book club. Please let Scott know of your interest soon, so
that we can buy the books for the group.