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Thursday, May 10, 2012

                                                                                      Scrum Moments of Truth: A Baker's Dozen  



Have you ever wondered if Scrum can be implemented piecemeal? Which, if any, are the essential aspects of Scrum? The days in which Scrum was considered “process-light” are long gone and a lot of experience in applying Scrum is now collected. In this presentation we will discuss 13 instances of what marketing calls ‘Moments of Truth’. Moments of Truth is defined as those touch points when customers come in direct contact with the company. In this case, when teams can make it or break it in using Scrum. Join us to discuss these and see if your organization has been missing out on some fun with Agile.

 Speaker:   Jorge Boria, LiveWare

Jorge Boria holds a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell University. He is a Certified High Maturity SCAMPI Lead Appraiser for SCAMPI A, B and C, for which he is also an authorized Observer; and a Certified Trainer of the Introduction to the CMMI from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie-Mellon University. His expertise with the model has led him to become a SEI Visiting Scientist, acting as Candidate Lead Appraiser Observer for the Quality Group and a Candidate Instructor Observer for the Introduction to the CMMI. He has performed a range of roles from programmer to technical program manager in diverse domains including embedded software, operating systems, compiler construction, MIS, and general IT applications.  He was a distinguished professor at three universities in Argentina prior to moving to the United States.  He is a popular presenter with over 200 conference and seminars held; he has authored over 20 papers and articles and has two published books to his credit.  He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. He has been invited for two consecutive and three non-consecutive times to be Senior Advisor of the Modelo Brasileiro de Processos de Software, which he presently performs.