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September 10, 2009

Essentials of Organizational Change Management

Andrew Cahoon, Managing Director at Clarum Group and Mike Leamon, Sr. Consultant at Clarum Group

Andrew Cahoon's and Mike leamon's slides are attached at the bottom.
Join the Austin SPIN for an interactive workshop with the Gemba Network to help us all develop our abilities to manage software-related organizational change.  We have all probably heard and lived through the painful statistics.  From the Software Implementation Disaster Avoidance Guidelines: “What percentage of major software implementations … resulted in a disaster fraught with cost overruns and missed deadlines or worse, outright failure?  Unfortunately… 60% or higher.”  How do we improve our change management competencies?  Representatives from the Gemba Network will discuss ways to succeed – with most of the session in exercises practicing techniques that work.
Being successful at organizational change doesn’t come easily.  “... nothing replaces experience, nothing replaces making mistakes and learning from them and moving on, nothing replaces emotional awareness. For those golfers out there - you didn't learn to golf by reading a book. You learn to golf and become a better golfer by practicing. The same philosophy holds true for becoming an effective change management practitioner - it takes practice" - Zen and Art of Change Management (Melissa Dutmers).
The workshop will center around a hypothetical implementation of a knowledge management / collaboration software solution.  Separate breakout groups will focus on implementing the solution under different conditions, with real-time bumps in the road.  The speakers will act as coaches during the exercise, so you can always ask for advice on a tool or approach.  There will be no single right answer and there will be no potentially embarrassing activities, but  a lively opportunity to extend our change management competencies.
About the Speakers:
Andrew Cahoon is an Industry veteran  in high tech product development (supercomputers to microprocessors, electronic design automation tools to Linux appliances) with a strong emphasis on getting things done.  He has more than a 90 percent success rate for numerous global product development efforts at companies ranging from start ups to Fortune 100 firms. Building on this foundation, he transformed into a Lean program manager at AMD working with Lean masters from AMD, Toyota, Porsche, McKinsey and others. Andrew is a founder and Managing Director of Clarum Group.
Mike Leamon had an intense consulting apprenticeship within London’s Subway system (The Tube), the start to Mike’s two decade career in change management.  Mike also held Austin-based internal consulting roles within Dell, Vignette Software and AMD.  During his 5 years working on internal projects at Vignette, Mike documented an 85% project success rate working with every function and global geography in the company.  Mike’s work alongside Porsche Consulting at AMD to implement Lean techniques across the global enterprise evolved his career into a "Lean Journey." Mike is a founding member and Senior Consultant of Clarum Group.

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