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September 14, 2006

Applying the Right Process to the Right Environment

Speaker:   Michael K. Daskalantonakis, MKD Technologies, Inc.

The speakers's slides are attached at the bottom.


Many organizations use process handbooks defining the process steps involved and associated entry / exit criteria for developing software. However, an organization has a variety of projects that can be classified based on characteristics such as application domain, product complexity, team geographical distribution, etc. Tailoring the organization’s processes, tools, and life cycle models to match the characteristics of a project using them is a necessary step in order to achieve the desired project results. It is this tailoring that results in using the right process for the right environment.

The speaker will provide examples of life cycle models, processes, and technologies and explain how they may be tailored to certain types of projects. The speaker will also invite the participants to share their own experiences tailoring their processes to achieve their project objectives.

Subsequently, the speaker will explain mechanisms for implementing process improvement within an organization to continuously tailor and optimize their processes for their project environment. These techniques include the Quality Improvement paradigm, the Goal Question Metric paradigm, and the SEI Progress Assessments.

About the Speaker:


Michael has extensive experience in Software Engineering Technology. He has developed software using a variety of programming languages that include C, C#, Perl, Algol, Ada, PL/1, Simula, and Lisp. He has used Dreamweaver, JavaScript, VBScript, and Flash to develop web-based systems. He has also used Databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access for backend automation, as well as XML and XSLT for data integration and sharing across applications.

Michael has worked for major Corporations managing the development and deployment of several products and services. This included complex, multi-site projects with more than 75 project participants involved worldwide. The products and services developed were in diverse application domains such as Enterprise automation, computers, networking, wireless telecom, and semiconductors.

Michael is an expert in the use of the SEI CMM/CMMI to improve the effectiveness and quality of the development process and product. This includes the use of metrics for process and quality improvement. He has more than 15 publications in established journals and conferences, including papers in IEEE Software and IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. He served as an Editor of the International Journal on “Empirical Software Engineering”.

Michael holds a BS in Computer Engineering and a MS in Computer Science. He is currently with MKD Technologies, Inc. based in Austin, Texas providing software engineering solutions through professional services. The company’s focus is on technologies enhancing group efficiencies. A recent project involved the introduction and implementation of a third party’s off the shelf authoring system, allowing multiple renditions of project documentation in formats such as XHTML, Word, PDF, Section 508 Accessible HTML, Help Pages, etc., all from a single source through the push of a button.
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