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Intellectual Property Management - A Product Management Perspective     Don Jarrell, Dir of Product Management Practice, Digital Thinking, Inc.

To view slides of Don Jarrell' s September ASPIN presentation on Intellectual Property Management, please click here. (Open it in Read Only mode.) If you do not have PowerPoint versions 2003 or later, please click here for a static pdf file..
IP Management conjures up a singular view of attorneys and large companies. Wrong! This presentation will take a look at "Everyday" IP Management from the perspective of the Product Management, and discover its relevance to any balanced, sustained product delivery effort in high-tech. It will include the broader realm of intellectual capital and it's use to produce a "sustained value meet". Among other things, we'll hit:

    * Balancing the motives and drivers of Product Management
    * Guarding the seeds of infringement
    * Tying together IP and the promise of the brand
    * Working with the attorneys: it can - and should - be done
    * How mis- or unmanaged market orientation will get the company in trouble
    * The downside of being too protective of secrets
    * Why using Open Source tools and component software is 'no problem' for operations and company IP

About the Speaker:
Don's background is in Product Management spread over 20+ years, ranging from multinationals (Nortel, Alcatel, Qwest, Warner Bros.) to start-ups in CA, NJ, AZ, and TX. He covers PdMngmt, intellectual property management and licensing in Austin-based consulting practice, Digital Thinking Inc..
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Aug 23, 2009, 8:28 PM