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October 11, 2007

Special joint meeting - Austin SPIN & Austin IEEE Computer Society

Integrating Project Work Using Collaborative Environments


Steve Teleki, IBM


The slides for presentations of Joyce Statz and Steve Teleki are attached at the bottom.


Working with project teams – locally or globally – requires a lot of communication and coordination. Routine information can be provided in written plans and standard reviews, but the interesting interactions happen when team members collaborate on project work.

Today’s technologies give us new ways to collaborate, with different teams preferring different mechanisms, ranging from old-style teleconferences to instant messaging, blogs, and wikis… and many more. This month, we examine collaborative tools that are becoming popular, to see how teams are able to leverage them, and to see how to keep them from getting in the way.

Steve Teleki, a Director of Software Engineering at IBM, will tell us about his experiences using podcasts. He’ll bring an example from a recent podcast he did and tell us how well it served the audience, then entertain questions and reactions from the audience.

Stories about how they use wikis, blogs, and micro-information exchange technologies will also be discussed by several members of Austin’s developer community. Being effective in the fast-moving software industry requires some teams to abandon their headphones, to be able to exchange information quickly with their peers. What are these technologies? How do they change the style and pace of work? Come listen, question, discuss.

Every attendee probably also has a favorite collaboration tool – and a disaster story – so we’re looking forward to hearing about those, too! Come join us for an enlightening evening, in this joint meeting of the Austin SPIN and the Austin IEEE Computer Society!

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