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November 8, 2007

Best Practices for Maintenance: Processes to Help the Majority of the Application Work We Do

Mr. Johan Sundlof, Transition Manager,
Computer Aid, Inc.

Mr. Johan Sundlof's slides are attached at the bottom.
  • 75-80% of the work on a software application happens after the first release.
  • Budgets for new development get squeezed, opportunities are constrained.
  • So… how can we do this well, and use our resources to the best advantage?
Tonight's presentation focuses on how to deal with a very common maintenance issue: Application maintenance teams rarely have access to application design documents and/or specifications. When taking on support for an application, the team has to consider several factors when determining the effort level and content of ideal support documentation. In a process called Application Knowledge Capture (AKC), we examine what can be done to collect and document the essentials needed for effective maintenance of an application - no more, no less. While important, AKC is only part of a successful support transition and the speaker will also cover other portions of the transition from what is usually an ad hoc maintenance approach to a metrics-based support methodology and how it operates.

About the Speaker:
Visiting us from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Mr. Sundlof is a transition manager for Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI). (A transition manager is a project manager who takes a new support engagement from inception through staffing, support process development, application knowledge transfer, and into its "production" phase.)

With a background in application development and customer relationship management, Mr. Sundlof is now a transition manager for CAI, handling total outsourcing and application maintenance engagements. In these engagements, Mr. Sundlof has gained significant experience in implementing and customizing CAI's Managed Maintenance methodology - a metrics-based support methodology which includes an Application Knowledge Capture component in its transition phase.
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