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May 10, 2007

Separating the Gold from the Fool’s Gold
Leslie Martinich
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How do you differentiate among product ideas? Many LOOK good, but not all potential products will successfully make it to market. There are so many products that you COULD build, but which is the RIGHT one for your team?

What are the realities of your strengths and your competition? What are the realities of the market? How do you test your ideas? And finally, how do you select the projects that really will lead to success? These questions form the back-side of the innovator’s dilemma.

We will examine these topics and consider some real world cases of how companies successfully charted the course through the perilous waters of innovation.

About the Speaker:
Leslie Martinich has been a practicing engineering manager for more than twenty years at IBM, Compaq, Novell, and emerging software companies, leading successful joint technology development efforts in the Americas, Europe and Asia. She is the founder of Competitive Focus and provides training and management consulting to technology professionals.

Leslie has an M.S. in Computer Sciences from UT Austin, and is a founder of the Engineering Leadership Institute. She is the Vice President of Publications and an elected member of the Board of Governors for the IEEE Engineering Management Society.
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