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July 8, 2010. 


Using the CMMI-SVC to Transform an Organization into a High-Functioning, Customer-Driven Profit Center

                     (Joint Meeting of Austin SPIN and IEEE Computer Society)


Speaker: Henry Schneider, President, Process and Product Quality Consulting, LLC

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As a company grows and matures from a startup entrepreneurial venture to a sustainable corporation, the departments and company services that begin as good ideas expand and evolve to support the company’s growing business.  Many times these services simply develop without any strategic vision.  This can result in institutionalized behaviors that are incompatible with the company’s business goals and objectives.   Consequently, the transition to a larger corporation becomes a challenge.  


Come learn how a Houston-based company was able to leverage the CMMI-SVC to make the transition from startup to mature corporation, using the CMMI-SVC to help achieve their business goals. 


About the Speaker:

Henry Schneider is the President and Senior Principal Consultant at Process and Product Quality Consulting, LLC. He has over 30 years experience in software and systems development as a developer, systems engineer, project manager, trainer, consultant, and assessor/appraiser (ISO 9000/TickIT, SW-CMM®, and CMMI®) working for clients in the commercial, government, aerospace, product software, automotive, data communications, telecommunications, and information technology sectors.  He provides consulting support to PPQC clients in the areas of process improvement, project management, process engineering, requirements management, configuration management, process and product quality assurance, reviews and inspections, measurement and analysis, and risk management.  Henry is a Software Engineering Institute-authorized CMMI High Maturity Lead Appraiser and Intro to CMMI Instructor (CMMI-ACQ, CMMI-DEV, CMMI-SVC), former Vice President for the Society for Software Quality, and on the editorial review board for ASQ’s journal, Software Quality Professional.


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