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July 10, 2008

Measuring and Managing Software Projects in an Agile World

Paul Beavers, Senior Director of R&D, BMC Software

Paul Beaver's slides are attached below.

Paul will share his experience regarding his recent transformation of thought and technique from a traditional waterfall methodology into an Agile people-oriented mindset. Paul will discuss how embracing several Agile concepts enabled him and his organization to achieve unheard of gains in productivity in the face of adversity. Paul will discuss how Agile ideas not only changed the way he and his team builds software, it changed their fundamental management principles.

About the Speaker:
Over the last twenty years, Paul has had experience in writing applications for IBM mainframes, IT business systems, Solaris, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. This development was done using a wide variety of computer languages and enabling technologies. Additionally, he has been exposed to many different management philosophies and software engineering methodologies. Currently, Paul is employed by BMC Software inc. in Houston, Texas as a Senior Director of R&D. His primary responsibility is to lead a large global organization on a quest for Agile software engineering excellence.
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