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July 13, 2006

From Use Case Diagrams to Operational Profiles: Using QFD (Quality Function Deployment) to Find the High Traffic Use Cases in Your System
Rich Denney, author of "Succeeding with Use Cases"


While use case diagrams are a great tool for high level communication, with just a bit more effort you can turn that diagram into a tool for analyzing the relative “traffic” use cases in your product will receive. In this session you are going to see how to use your use case diagrams -- coupled with QFD -- to generate an operational profile of your product, providing information that will give you a better idea of the parts of the system that warrant extra attention in terms of making your product easy to use, highly performant, and reliable. Sound good? If so plan on attending this “hands on” session where you’ll learn tools you can take back and try in your shop right away.

Print out the QFD matrix used during the presentation.

About the Speaker:
Richard Denney, based in Austin, Texas, is the author of Succeeding with Use Cases: Working Smart to Deliver Quality, part of Addison-Wesley Publishing’s Object-Technology Series. Richard has 25+ years experience in software development and process management including as a principal in software process improvements for Landmark Graphics and Schlumberger (the oil industry’s two largest suppliers of software solutions), the Texas State Office of the Attorney General, and several Fortune 500 companies as a consulting affiliate of TeraQuest Metrics (software process component of Borland Software Corporation) and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Details on Richard’s book are available at
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