Austin-SPIN - Archives - Jan10

Introduction to the Jazz Technology Platform: Team Collaboration and Process Enablement

Speaker:  Ronnie Pinkerton, Technical Account Manager at IBM Software Group - Rational

In this presentation, we learn about the IBM Jazz team collaboration platform and how it is being used by software teams.  The speaker will show examples of how Jazz is being used, as well as covering these concepts:

  • Orientation to Jazz – major features and functions
  • How to tailor and implement a development process using Jazz
  • How to enable teams to work across corporate boundaries – locally and globally
  • Ability to interoperate with non-IBM tools and facilities (Eclipse, Visual Studio, …)
  • Integration basis for Rational tool set; how does Jazz support Rational Team Concert
  • Technical underpinnings – service model, repository of databases, …
  • Extensibility

About the Speaker:

Ronnie Pinkerton served in various software and systems development roles for Link Flight Simulation from 1983-1995. He has worked as a software and systems development tools sales engineer since 1995 at companies including Aisys, QNX Software, Telelogic and IBM.   Ronnie is currently a Technical Account Manager with IBM Rational.

Tonight’s Door Prizes:

  • Two wireless Microsoft mice
  • Several X-Box video games
  • Several copies of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Several books… and other goodies…