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February 12, 2009

Communicating Effectively with Different Personality Styles


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Notice how easy it is to communicate with some folks (your fellow software engineers) and not others (the marketing and sales staff)? As a developer, have you ever wondered how to be better at communicating with your manager? As a Project manager, have you wondered how to better relate to your customers and get them to understand what you are really asking for?

Did you know that among us are “mavens, relaters, and evangelists,” and that we can evolve our style to suit the role we are playing and to better play that role? Bijoy Goswami captures those ideas in his writing, and in this talk, he will show us how communicating well with others starts with knowing yourself. This can be tricky, especially since many external forces can skew our self-perception. It's important to approach the task delicately and deliberately!

Many personality models abound, including Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, DISC. A relative newcomer is MRE (Maven, Relater, Evangelist), created by Bijoy Goswami - . Easy to learn and remember, the model reveals the deep motivational differences between people and how this leads to unique communication styles. MRE is a great way to start your self- and other-exploration and the benefits go far beyond effective communication.

Get started on your MRE journey prior to this presentation by spending a few minutes on - - or read the first chapter of The Human Fabric available here:

About the Speaker:
Bijoy Goswami is deeply interested in how we create extraordinary, meaningful and joyful lives. He sees our unique human capability of building mental models as a vital part of this endeavor. He loves building and sharing simple, yet powerful models, including MRE, youPlusU and Bootstrap.

His life has been an inadvertent study of contrasting spiritual, cultural and intellectual models. He was born in Bangalore, India on April 15, 1973, to a Catholic mother and a Hindu father. He moved to Taiwan at the age of ten and Hong Kong at fourteen. He came to the US in 1991, attending Stanford, where he studied Computer Science, Economics, History and completed an Honors program in Science, Technology and Society. He spent a term at Oxford. In 1995 he moved to Austin, TX, to join a software startup and cofounded Aviri software in April 2000. In 2003, he began in earnest, his work as a model-builder, bootstrapper and evangelist.

Bijoy expresses and communicates his models through books, music, film, community, and websites. The process also deepens his understanding of the models and how to effectively convey them. Collaboration is at the heart of this process and he has been very lucky in finding extraordinary partners. Their expertise combines with the model, and through multiple iterations, a unique creation results. Some of these include Bootstrap Austin, The Human Fabric and Mystic Cab. Learn more at

Tonight's Door Prizes:
The Human Fabric – Bijoy Goswami
Delivering Successful Projects with TSP and Six Sigma, a Practical Guide to Implementing Team Software Process – Mukesh Jain