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Risk-based Testing: What is it and How You Can Benefit?


November 11, 2010

Speaker:  Rex Black, President of RBCS  


Over the last fifteen years, leading professionals working in software and system testing have learned how to apply the powerful techniques of risk analysis and risk management to their projects. Rex Black’s pioneering Managing the Testing Process was both the first test management book and the first to discuss risk-based testing.  In this presentation, Rex will explain:

                The benefits of risk-based testing. 

                Why adding risk analysis to the test team’s responsibilities actually reduces their workload.

                The importance of stakeholder participation.

                Common mistakes that can occur in risk-based testing.

Rex will illustrate these points, not through hypothetical discussion, but by examining a case study where RBCS helped a client launch risk-based testing. You will learn how to analyze risks to quality, and use that analysis to be a smarter test professional.


About the Speaker:  

With a quarter-century of software and systems engineering experience, Rex Black is President of RBCS (, a leader in software, hardware, and systems testing. For over fifteen years, RBCS has delivered services in consulting, outsourcing, and training for software and hardware testing. Employing the industry’s most experienced and recognized consultants, RBCS conducts product testing, builds and improves testing groups, and hires testing staff for hundreds of clients worldwide. Ranging from Fortune 20 companies to start-ups, RBCS clients save time and money through improved product development, decreased tech support calls, improved corporate reputation and more.  As the leader of RBCS, Rex is the most prolific author practicing in the field of software testing today.  His popular first book, Managing the Testing Process, has sold over 35,000 copies around the world, including Japanese, Chinese, and Indian releases, and is now in its third edition. His five other books on testing, Advanced Software Testing: Volume I, Advanced Software Testing: Volume II, Critical Testing Processes, Foundations of Software Testing, and Pragmatic Software Testing, have also sold tens of thousands of copies, including Hebrew, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Russian editions. He has written over thirty articles, presented hundreds of papers, workshops, and seminars, and given about fifty keynotes and other speeches at conferences and events around the world. Rex is the immediate past President of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board and a Director of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board.

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